Monday, January 5, 2009

Get Comfy for Free

I am so honored that I got to collaborate with Stella a.k.a. Stellarific Creations to make my first 'collab.' Stella got me started and I altered her images. Take a look at what we came up with:

Interested in this FREEbie? Download it here.

This is part of a whole collection of freebies. The rest of them are available at Cottage Scrapbooks as posting bonuses for participating in challenges. Simply submit a layout for a challenge, and get another part of Home Comfort for free!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Party

New Year's Day is a great day to start a party. The drinking parties are mostly over and it's a holiday from work. It's time for the best kind of party to begin -- the kind you can enjoy while staying cozy in your own home with your hot cocoa and any pets you may have on your lap... Anyway, let's get to why you stopped here in the first place. What kind of New Year's Party doesn't let you pick up some party favors? Here is what I have for you this time:

Download here

This beautiful kit, Old Homestyle by Stellarific Creations, is perfect for keeping cozy on cold January days here up in the north, or relaxing with the windows open if it's summer where you are. Check out these layouts using this beautiful kit.

I am keeping cozy here in Illinois with Old Homestyle, but these photos were actually taken last summer. It was with this kit I first experimented with a blending technique I learned in Paint Shop Pro magazine. I made several layers using the same picture, each time adding a mask to the layer. I used different blending modes and added noise to the layers, and used different brushes to reveal the photo from under the mask.
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Happy Scrappy New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

File correction for my party favor freebie

Computers are so wonderful until they don't work. I think I need an immunologist for my computer to do all those things my security software says it will do .... I apologize for having to remove one of the Ready-Made Pages from my last blog entry, but I cannot access it on the computer it is on and don't have time to made another one. Bottom line is this: I could not fix my Ready-Made Page (R-MP) so I am putting up a new freebie link that includes only 1 R-MP, shown in the preview below:

The new link to this 12x12 inch high resolution .png file is here.

Take a look at my layout in my last blog entry for some inspiration on using this page.

Many thanks to my dear readers for your understanding.

Happy Scrapping,


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Party On with More Party Favors

Hello Friends, Cottage Scrapbooks always puts on great parties, blog parties anyway. This preview shows my contribution to the party favors for December. You can find the actual files here. The beautiful kits displayed are Honeylicious by Designs by Julie C and Simply in Love by CanDesigns.

NOTE: I apologize that the Honeylicious Ready-Made Page file is messed up. I am working on it right now.

Background of preview is from Buried Treasure by Stellarific Creations -- find many more Treasures buried at the Cottage!

I hope you make some gorgeous pages with these freebies -- and all the others in the blog party -- and post them in the
Cottage Scrapbooks Gallery!

Here is my creation with one of the very same freebies in the file above.
Wisdom Lies in Maggie's Eyes.
Maggie is my friend's dog. I may sound nuts, but I think the presence of this mellow dog is truly healing. And I think there is indeed wisdom in those eyes. Ok, so I'm weird. Weird is ok if I give out freebies, right?

I used Simply in Love by CanDesigns for this layout except the green paper is from Music Room by Stellarific Creations.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let's Party!

Wow, another blog train!
Digital Scrapbooking Day is a great time for a blog party.
Cottage Scrapbooks can't pass up such a great excuse for a party.
Collect lots of party favors from Designers and Creatives at the Cottage!
Here is my part (grab it here):

These kits by CanDesigns are just delightful! They are both at Cottage Scrapbooks:

Scottish Heather

Whimsical Spring

In fact, I made the layout below with Whimsical Spring.

That cute little girl is my cousin's daughter. She is 3 and made a great flower girl at her aunt's wedding last weekend. I have never seen a wedding where the bride and groom and whole wedding party were wearing cowboy boots! I guess there's a first time for everything.

Hop on the train and join the party! There are many more party favors at the blogs below: